Membership of the Group is open to any person interested in speleology, who concurs with the aims and objectives of the Group.

By joining HCG you also become a member of the Australian Speleological Federation (ASF). As a Corporate member of ASF, HCG has a say in national and Federation caving matters through its Council meetings.

Full Membership is open to those who, in addition to the basic requirements above:-

    • Have completed at least 30 hours caving in non-tourist caves, on at least three trips
    • Have knowledge of ASF’s Safety Regulations, Code of Ethics and Minimal Impact Caving Code.
    • Show a sufficient degree of responsibility for themselves, others and the environment.
  • Or have satisfied the above in respect of membership of any other ASF member society.

Nominations to membership, shall be decided by majority vote of a General Meeting

As responsible cavers, members must abide by the  ASF and HCG’s codes of conduct and ethics. After you have joined HCG, you can also tag onto other club trips once you are trained and get to know them.

HCG meets monthly (2nd Tues of month) and holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March. At the AGM, members elect its Executives to run the day to day business of the club.

HCG is also a member of the New South Wales Speleological Council where it has voting rights on State matters through its elected representative.

In between all this, we go caving!

The HCG membership costs and benefits are as follows:

  Standard HCG membership: $92.00
  Family HCG membership $141.00
  Single parent family HCG membership $109.00
  HCG life members $69.00
  Student/pensioner/retired HCG membership $69.00
  12 month interim trial HCG membership * $32.00

NOTE Fees are due in March and payable BEFORE 31 March

What you get for your membership:

  • HCG and ASF membership
  • Caves Australia magazine (4 issues per year)
  • HCG Calcite journal
  • Public liability insurance through ASF
  • Skills training
  • Caving information

* Trial membership does not include Caves Australia magazine

To join, click here for your membership application form.

Bring your form to a meeting, email to the Secretary or mail to the Secretary.

    • Highland Caving Group

251 Great North Road
Five Dock, NSW,2046

EFT payments can be made to:

  • Highland Caving Group
    BSB: 032002 Account no: 481633
    Put your name in the transaction description.

Only financial members of the club, and or other ASF club members can attend HCG/ASF trips/events, so, we encourage you to pay your fees on time so as not to be disappointed with a decline on a trip/event if you are not financial.

HCG Mailing list
Members and the Committee regularly communicate through our mailing list. When you become a member, you will be asked to join to receive regular updates and have your say about caving.  More information can be found here:

Now let’s go caving!