About Caving

Caves are not just muddy holes in the ground!  They contain wondrous features that can only be seen by caving. If you imagine a line running 200km inland from the tip of Cape York to the bottom of Tasmaina, then this was Australia’s coastline with coral reef many millions of years ago!  In other parts like the Nullabor, huge expanses of coral reef were also exposed in long forgotten shallow seas. In some parts of the country, the limestone has been exposed at the surface and luckily, we find cave entrances with cavers enjoying the thrill of exploring these underworld delights. This means that club members travel not just within NSW, but also to other states and around the world in search of caves.

When entering the hidden domains of the earth we must be prepared just like a scuba diver who enters an alien environment very strange to many. We prepare ourselves by being trained in responsible and skilled based training so as we do not damage the delicate underground environment and keep us from harms way.

Training can be from basic horizontal caving to highly technical vertical/ single rope technique caving. HCG also enjoys working with other clubs in holding other courses such as cave surveying, what to look for when in a cave, its biology, geology and more.

Caving can be whatever takes you. It can be easy large walk through passages, tight exciting sporting passages, wet and cold abseils through waterfalls, following underground rivers or as many think of it, sloshing through the mud. There are also those that enjoy a good campfire and talk about caving!  On top of all this is the friendship and comradely through a network of clubs.

So, what’s your interest.  Come along to a meeting and tell us!

Q1. Where is the highest limestone in the world?  A: Top of Mt Everest!

Q2. Where is the world’s deepest cave? A: Krubera (Voronya) Cave, Abkhazia-2191m (2011)