Highland Caving Group

Founded in 1957, the Highland Caving Group has a reputation for competence, ethics, safety, environmental responsibility and friendliness. It has been a Corporate Member club of the Australian Speleological Federation Inc. since 1964. While the focus is on caves, most members also enjoy other outdoor activities including bushwalking, rock-climbing, canyoning, canoeing and cross-country skiing. Alongside that is a peerless social atmosphere. We enjoy.

Members interests cover limestone, sandstone, volcanic and sea caves. Most activity has been in lesser-known karst areas in NSW, but most members have also travelled interstate or overseas pursuing their interest.

Many trips are based on enjoyment of the senses only possible in a cave environment. Others have a more scientific purpose including exploration and surveying along with observation and recording of cave geology, geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology, palaentology, mineralogy and the many aspects of biology

Mailing Address Change

HCG PO Box is no longer current. See https://hcg.org.au/contact/